Soapwalla remains one of our favorite purveyors of natural, hand-made skincare products! Made by hand in small batches right here in Brooklyn, Soapwalla is passionate about products that support our health, as well as the planet's!

‘The skin is our largest organ, and for it to function at its best we must feed it wholesome ingredients. If I refuse to put something in my body, I don’t want to put it on my body.’ 
-Rachel Winard, founder

Soapwalla products are pure, effective, and trustworthy. Based in the belief that the product is only as good as its ingredients, the company partners with small, local farms to ensure only the best materials are used, without compromising integrity or dedication to the environment.

Captain Blankenship

Based in the Hudson River Valley, Captain Blankenship does amazing work utilizing organic, local ingredients, made and packaged sustainably, and never tested on animals!

Jana Blankenship grew up spending every summer in the tiny coastal town of Sorrento, Maine running barefoot through the woods, riding in boats, exploring islands and swimming in the freezing, salty ocean. Living with the tides and stars, with the smell of the oceans and forests, is medicine for the body and spirit.

Cold pressed organic plant oils, flowers, seaweeds, sea salt and organic essential oils bring us back to the primacy of experience with the land and sea. These ingredients not only conjure the natural world, but are highly beneficial for our skin, body, hair and senses.

Butterbean Organics

Butterbean Organics is a mama-owned business located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Committed to creating chemical free, all natural products using only ingredients, growing practices, and production processes that have the utmost respect for our environment. 

'It is up to each of us to distill our interdependence on nature into the everyday choices we make.'
-Summer, founder and CEO

Butterbean's sunscreen was recently given the best rating possible by the Environmental Working Group!

Luli Tonix

LuliTonix is your staple not just your reset button. These blends nourish, strengthen, and rebuild. LuliTonix recipes have been carefully and artfully tweaked to create creamy, delicious and satiating drinks without compromising the ratio of greens to fruit. (hint: the greens are more plentiful) 

'LuliTonix was born of a passion to make us feel amazing through the food we take in. To transcend food as medicine and embrace healthy eating as joy.'
- Lianna Sugarman, CEO, Founder

Nutrient density and nutritional promise packed into 16oz of pure deliciousness!

Malin Landaeus Vintage Collenction

Come in to find that perfect wearable to play however you like! From work to workout to play, we've got everything you need!

Sustainable activewear created byPIECE NYC.

One of a kind vintage reboots byMalin Landaeus Vintage Collections.